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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

50/50 part two

Thanks everyone for your comments. It would seem that my question will take much research and prayer to find an answer. Depending on what religion you are or what Bible you read the interpretations (of suicide) fall into three categories: not forgivable, forgivable or answer unknown.

Also, my life is a mammoth struggle at the moment but my question regarding suicide was not for myself but just simple curiosity and clarity. I was taught in Bible class that the only unpardonable sin was to denounce Jesus Christ as my Savior. So, if all other sins are pardonable then wouldn’t it be logical to assume that if a person was saved yet committed suicide they would go to heaven?

Monday, September 26, 2005


I recently watched the movie “Constantine” and throughout the film was the message (Catholic point of view) that suicide would send you straight to Hell. I’ve heard many opinions regarding the consequence of taking your own life and so far the tally is 50-50. Fifty percent believe you will end up in Hell and fifty percent believe if you are “saved” you will go to heaven.

Anyone know of a specific Bible verse that explains God’s view?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Feeling poorly, thus a quiz


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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Heat index today is 107, yikes

Hello everyone, I’m back. Unfortunately…life is still the same dangerous game it was before and the rest/relaxation didn’t rejuvenate me one iota.

Things I learned while I was away:

  1. The crappy insurance from my husbands company is still doing flip-flops about paying for my treatment and testing. So, my doctor has not given me a for sure diagnosis but he is leaning towards pulmonary fibrosis due to my auto-immune disease. There is no cure and I won’t be getting my life back as I once hoped.
  2. A few unsavory characters have encroached on my life through my BIL and there might be some big changes taking place in the near future.
  3. During my two-week rest my mother-board committed suicide and my computer spent almost the whole two weeks at the shop getting fixed. I have my precious puter back on my lap and I’m not letting go again!
  4. My husband loves me and cares deeply for my welfare. It’s not that I didn’t know this already but it was reinforced quite steadfastly the past two weeks.
  5. I’m never watching Big Brother again. Janelle should have been in the final two and CBS should have made this happen. While Maggie and Ivette were safely nestled in the bosom of their Alliance Janelle was working (physically and mentally) harder than any Big Brother contestant I’ve ever witnessed. I guess it’s onto watching Survivor and hopefully it will take the bad taste from my mouth.
  6. And last, I know about as much as a gnat on a donkey’s arse.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Time away

I need to stop blogging for a week maybe two. I haven’t been feeling well the past two days and I’m very tired. I will still answer e-mails but beyond that I think I need to put the computer away and get some rest. I want to write more and I’ll miss the camaraderie of you lovely Internet friends but my brain is fried and I do feel quite ill.

I will be back soon, love to all.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

To give or not to give

My husband will be dropping by our local Red Cross in a couple of days to donate cash for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As with most people I’ve been praying but with every picture, every news report I feel almost as if I’m suffocating by all the sadness. My husband and I agreed that we want to give a certain amount of monetary aid. As we were discussing the amount (thinking we were alone) my sister remarked that only people that can afford it should give.

I’m not really sure what God would want my husband and me to do in this circumstance. As “house guests” we are putting a strain on my sister and her family just as they are making our lives miserable too. We are in a predicament that is complicated and I’m worried I’m making another bad choice. Should we not give and save ALL of my husband’s paycheck towards getting out of my sister’s house or should we give the amount we originally decided on which is only .0125% of our savings?

I would appreciate another opinion or advice regarding this matter!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Other news

One noticeable difference to my blog lately is my lack of posts involving my sister/BIL/niece. Basically, the daily drama that ensues is happening faster than I can put to paper. One minute my BIL is fatalistic and swears he is going to prison and than we get word from his “lawyer/confidant/Man-with-MUCH-power” friend that he won’t spend a second behind bars. BIL is also close to closing a deal that will make him owner to a business that is thriving and could potentially double his yearly salary. The rich get richer I suppose. My BIL and sister still fight but they also make-up, and I shake my head in wonder at the denial factor involved in their marriage. The fighting has reached new levels too, they are mainly about revenge. I’ve been used in these battles and I am also privy to some information that leads me to believe that my BIL has the power to destroy my sister’s life more than he already has. I envision their life together as a volcano with only the tip showing above water and the fiery pits of hell of the interior and bottom of the massive volcano descending deep into the ocean’s abyss. Aside from the fact their drama is happening faster than I can keep up with there are situations that are entwined with some really covert dealings that I seriously believe could harm myself or husband. I don’t say this lightly. I’m not some silly twit looking for attention…things are so very complicated and daunting. I don’t know if I will continue to write on the subject of my BIL and his addiction/problems; the worry of becoming not so anonymous has me past just concerned. As I stated before, my husband and I are laying low and will either start living in our car when the weather gets cooler or we will have found a trailer, which ever comes first.

Last but not least, I want all of my readers to know that they are ALL appreciated and I don’t know how I would keep trudging along without you. Thank you!