What you tried to say to me

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I’m blue

Since I can recall, my favorite color has always been blue. I enjoy other colors but blue is the most beautiful to me. So what’s up with all the green coming my way? No, not money, oh how lovely that would be…I mean quiz results at “blogthings”. From, what color should you paint your room to what is your true color, all the results end in GREEN. I was taught not to wear green as a teen I was told it made me look too pale or washed out but I get more compliments when I wear green than at any other time.

Am I missing something?

As for me being blue, I’m serious about that mood. I know of at least four friends that are struggling with serious problems and I can’t help anyone of them. Tick tock, tick tock…waiting.

As random as I am…why the heck didn’t I realize that physics could be so truly interesting. The first part of my life I hid my true self and just deflected the bad that came my way. My mind was sharp, clear and focused but hidden. Now that I’m older and have opened up my brain to all the knowledge the world has to offer I can’t even retain a smidgen of the information I used to. Also, black holes do not exist…at least not with the descriptors given to explain their existence, IMO.

My sister was speaking with my BIL on the phone the other day. She told my BIL that I was lonely for stimulating conversation now that he (BIL) has a job and we rarely spend time together. My sister cupped the mouth piece of the phone and asked me to give her something very intelligent to say so she could appear to be up on current events. I told her to tell my BIL that archeologists finally discovered that the Oompa Loompas originated from the depths of the Marianas Trench. She very hesitantly relayed the message to my BIL not sure of how to word this juicy tidbit of news but it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a slap to my leg from my loving sister and I heard hysterical laughter coming from the phone. The best part was when my sister turned to me and said, “What’s an Oompa Loompa”?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Listening to...

Michael W. Smith's “Agnus Dei”…it’s been so long…JNF! Tiny pin-pricks of light, light filled with the heavenly spirit, like soft raindrops falling down onto my skin. I am gently cradled in a diaphanous cloak of something euphoric and pure. Something sent from God.

This rare moment will be lovingly kept in my treasure box with a love everlasting for my Lord.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Plank in my eye

Why are people celebrating his hanging? We are all sinners and will face judgment one day. Instead of rejoicing that he was put to death we should look in the mirror first, be ever vigilant about our own failings and search for ways to be a guiding light to others.