What you tried to say to me

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What is wrong with me? (Continuing thoughts on BB)

I’m obsessed, addicted and I can’t stop my behavior. Folks, I’m addicted to the idea of Janelle and Will having a possible romance. I spend lots of time at youtube.com and other Big Brother sites watching video clips of Janelle and Will. I guess when you have no life, you live vicariously through others.

During this season of Big Brother All Stars I was glued to the live feeds watching what appeared to be a real romance between the couple. Will adamantly denies it and claims he still loves his girlfriend Erin but after watching the video clips it looks to me that Will has fallen head over hills for Janelle and vice versa.

I would hate for Erin or Janelle to be hurt by what happens next but a part of me is just completely mesmerized with the thought of Janelle and Will having that fairy tale ending.

Please…someone just knock me out. No really, just literally knock me out!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Big Brother All Stars...my take...

First and foremost, wake up Mike “Boogie”, your rise to the top was Will’s doing. Boogie you are a woman objectifying boy and you have nothing in the skills department that would earn you a place in the Final 2. Let me repeat, Will got you there buddy and of course Erika.

Moving onto Erika, plain and simple you are the symbol of all that is unwomanly. With your fake breasts and your disgusting juvenile coy behavior, it makes me want to vomit. The only way you can make yourself feel better is to speak derogatorily about Janie and constantly remind everyone that you masterminded the whole Chilltown take-over. You were played Erika and wait till you find out how much you were played. I would give my teeth to see your reaction to the Diary Room speeches about you. Boogie called you a Ho, ugly and a b***h. He said kissing you was akin to licking an ashtray. It’s very telling that you find him more attractive once you found out he was a supposed, “Bad boy”.

Will…*sigh*…you are worse than Boogie and Erika put together. A thirty-three year old doctor seemly well traveled, cultured, mannered and of a certain upper class and yet you showed the lowest kind of human behavior. Your tricks and lies to get your friend to the winners circle were cruel, mean-spirited and shameful.

For example, to push a woman’s buttons by using her biological clock or desire to be a mother is worse than Johnny Fair Play’s lie regarding the fake death of his grandmother. His ploy although repugnant at least had strategy and game play written all over it but to tug on Erika and Janelle’s maternal yearnings is reprehensible. I being a woman unable to conceive take this personally.

Secondly, your behavior towards Janelle and thus indirectly towards Erin Brodie is not only ungentlemanly but disrespectful on so many levels. You broke both their hearts.

And Janelle, I speak for many people, we LOVE you sweetie! You are the true winner.

Oh and CBS…you really dropped the ball this season. The competitions were sloppy at best and even from the audience’s point of view, not fun to watch. Next season, please do not allow the House Guests to whisper!